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May 2023
Place is beautiful very private and great for the price .. only knock on the property is the living room is hot since the ac’s are in the rooms so can’t really congregate there and we ran into some electrical problems power went out a few times and water issues but host responded promptly and got them resolved for us ….
April 2023
This Airbnb is perfect and has all the amenities needed to better your stay. The location is excellent.The house is beautiful and large enough to host a big family. The host, Ronald, is the most thoughtful and gracious. He provided us with all the information needed. If you need any sort of services, he will provide it to you or refer you. Thanks to Ronald, me and my family will definitely come back...
February 2023
Everything was amazing. The property is BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t do the check in but was told it was easy and smooth. Security and cleaning services were provided The only issue I has was the ants coming in through the patio door. They were all over the kitchen